Brisbane Oratory News

Corpus Christi Procession & Picnic 2022

To celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi and give glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ in the the most Blessed Sacrament, we held our Corpus Christi Procession and picnic on Sunday. It was wonderful to have so many people join us as we processed singing hymns and chants of the Blessed Sacrament. After the procession we gathered in the field for the picnic with may people bringing and sharing food with the cricket set coming out. It was a wonderful day of worship and community.

Vallicella Dinner & Dance 2022

The Vallicella Dinner and Dance is our fundraising event (and a great social event!) of the year. Enjoy canapés by the river, drinks, dinner, and dessert. Join the live band for dancing or step outside for a drink and catch up with friends or make some new ones! 

General tickets are now available and can be purchased at our Try Booking Page.

Raffle Tickets can be purchased here.

We look forward to seeing you there and thank you for supporting the current and future works of the Brisbane Oratory in Formation. 

Welcome to new converts

We are blessed to have received Mike, Claire, and Morné into the Catholic Church who also received Confirmation and First Holy Communion. They have been preparing for some time with our Catholic Enquiry Group. We praise God as they enter the Catholic Church.