During the Octave of Pentecost and the evening before St Philip’s day, we joyfully received a new member into our congregation! 

Hung Nguyen, originally from Adelaide and more recently from Melbourne, has been an enquirer to our community for some time.  In recent months he has been in residence with us in Brisbane.  Following his formal application to join we happily received him as a novice. In many Oratories, some members decide to take new names and in order to mark this change in his life, Hung asked to receive a new name and was given the name John Henry.

After the formal vote to accept the new candidate, Hung was presented to the moderator and community in our chapel. After a prayer to St Philip Neri, the candidate formally asks to join the congregation and states his intention to cultivate the spirit of our congregation. After singing the Veni Creator, each member of the community welcomed our new novice Br John Henry with the pax or kiss of peace, and rejoicing we sing the Te Deum in praise of God.


Br John Henry is received into the congregation by Fr Adrian.


Br John Henry will now be sent to an established Oratory later this year in order to undertake his spiritual year and be formed in the Oratorian way, following in the path of the four brothers before him. Like the other four brothers, Br John Henry belongs to the Brisbane Oratory, and while much of their training takes place overseas, they belong to our community in Brisbane where they will return with their Oratorian formation.


Brothers Conor, John Henry, and Matthew.


As one of the largest and fastest growing Oratories in Formation, we praise God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us by sending new vocations and providing for our needs. We would also like to thank our benefactors for their financial support and prayers which are so essential to our growing community. Please keep Br John Henry in your prayers as he enters into the next stage of formation and discernment.