Mr Warrick Adeney, Musical Director of the Brisbane Oratory, shares with us a summary of the Musical Oratorio held in November

A healthy number of souls heard our recent Marian Oratorio, devoted to the tremendous repertory of Marian marvels in church music, and commemorating the centenary of Fatima. We opened with some chant of St Hildegard, wistfully sung by Eleanor Adeney. Our choir, somewhat augmented for the occasion, sang representative Renaissance compositions on the texts Ave Maria and Alma Mater Redemptoris.


Mother and daughter, Michele and Eleanor Adeney.


The Brisbane Oratory Choir and Schola giving glory to God through music.


The work of Palestrina, a personal friend of St Philip Neri, was performed. Children’s voices were heard ringing in our beautiful acoustic, and this is a feature we will develop. The programme also included instrumental works and culminated in Haydn’s glorious Salve Regina, a fully developed work cast in five movements for strings, organ, small choir, and a brilliant soprano solo which was beautifully handled by Sarah Adeney. All present joined in with the hymn O Purest of Creatures, written by of Fr F.W. Faber of Bl Cardinal Newman’s Oratory.


Sarah Adeney beautifully handles the soprano solo.


Instrumental works were also played, including our own Fr Scot on Violin.


The next Oratorio will be in the form of a Christmas event, including lessons and carols, on Saturday night December 16. Our resources will combine with the musicians of Artes Christi, who bless the East Coast from Sydney to Brisbane each Advent. In 2018 we will plan two Oratorios again, and continue to develop the concept along with our instrumental and choral resources. Enquiries about our music are most welcome.

The fathers and brothers of the Brisbane Oratory would like to thank all those involved in the evening: our Musical Director Mr Warrick Adeney who dedicates his time and effort for the Brisbane Oratory, the soloists, the members of the Brisbane Oratory Choir and Schola, those on instruments, Maria Rose Anna Photography, and all those involved in any other way.