Other Letters of Support

The fathers of the London Oratory are delighted that the project to establish an Oratory in Brisbane is progressing well. Be sure that we are praying for you. May the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and of our holy Father St Philip gain every blessing for your community and apostolate.

Fr. Julian Large C.O.
The London Oratory

This is a message of encouragement and support for the Fathers and Seminarians who are bringing the Oratory to Australia. I write as one who brought the Oratory to Canada, and I know from first hand experience how much the support, both moral and financial, of devoted lay people will means for these pioneers. The Oratory is very much a local project, and when it succeeds its success also leads to the good of the local Church. For example, the Toronto Oratory has helped to foster vocations, not only for itself, but for the Archdiocese of Toronto, as well. Help this Oratory-in-Formation, and you will be helping yourselves!

My prayerful support, and that of all the members of the Toronto Oratory, will accompany you along the way ahead .

Fr. Jonathan Robinson C.O.
The Toronto Oratory

It is wonderful news that an Oratorian house will be in formation in Brisbane. This will be the first house of St Philip in Australia and a powerful witness to the perennial relevance of his charism. Just as St Philip became the “Apostle of Rome” by his personal influence, especially in the confessional, we can hope that an Oratory in Brisbane will bring many souls to know and love our Lord in that place.

Fr. Daniel Seward C.O.
The Oxford Oratory