In mid-May the Brothers of our Oratory will begin returning home for the mid-year break from their studies. The first to arrive back will be Brothers Conor and Matthew, who will have finished their philosophy studies in Toronto.  Brothers Shawn and Tyson will follow in subsequent weeks.  The full community will be home, then, for the next major celebration which will see Archbishop Coleridge visit us to celebrate the 7:00pm Mass on Monday 9 July, during which he will institute Brothers Tyson, Conor and Matthew as Acolytes.  Again, you are warmly invited to this celebration, which will take place in the Ordinary form.

Brs Conor and Matthew during their novice studies in 2016 learning about the Oratory with Fr Philip of the Toronto Oratory.

With Brothers Conor and Matthew completing their three years in Toronto, we are presently organising for the commencement of their theological studies.  Unfortunately, they won’t be able to go to Oxford as we had originally hoped.  The Oxford Oratory has the – probably happy – problem of being full, and so we have turned our attention to finding a solution in Rome, which is more than likely where Brothers Conor and Matthew will go to commence the next stage of their priestly formation.  This will have its own advantages, not the least of which will be for them to be close to where the Congregation of the Oratory began, and where the body of Saint Philip Neri lies at the Chiesa Nuova.

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