Brisbane Archdiocese

Archdiocese of Brisbane

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane is the metropolitan archdiocese covering the South East region of Queensland. It is the diocese within which the Oratory falls.

The Catholic Leader

The purpose of The Catholic Leader newspaper is to inform from a Catholic perspective and to connect the Catholic community. It is by virtue of these pursuits that the paper nourishes people’s faith and spirituality. Being an ethical and credible source for faith-based news, reviews, and reflection is of integral to the publications’ function as it serves the faithful.  And it’s been achieving this vision since it began over 100 years ago.

Frassati Australia

Frassati Australia, founded by the Oratory’s very own Fr Paul Chandler, is an emerging movement aimed at helping young Catholic men embrace and live the faith. At the heart of the movement are Frassati Houses, the members of whom commit to a common spiritual life.


The London (Brompton) Oratory

The London (or Brompton) Oratory was founded in 1849 at the direction of Blessed John Henry Newman. Since then, it has become a focal point of London ecclesial life and an exemplar of liturgical excellence.

The Birmingham Oratory

The Birmingham Oratory, located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, was the first of Blessed John Henry Newman’s Oratories. Founded in 1849 by Newman himself, it has also become his national shrine.

The Oxford Oratory

The Oxford Oratory was established out of the Birmingham Oratory in 1990 at the request of then Archbishop of Birmingham, Maurice Couve de Murville. Encompassing the church of St Aloysius, the Oratory soon became an independent congregation.

The Toronto Oratory

The Toronto Oratory was founded in 1975 by Fr Jonathan Robinson, a priest of the Archdiocese of Montreal, and moved to Toronto in 1979. It is the Oratory where our student, Shawn Murphy, is undertaking his formation.

Liturgical Resources

Ordo (Australia)

The Ordo is a small booklet published by the Brisbane Liturgical Commission each year. It outlines liturgical directions and offers recommendations for every day of the year.

Church Music Association of America

The Church Music Association of America is an association of Catholics who have a special interest in music and liturgy, and are active in advancing Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony, and other forms of sacred music.

Corpus Christi Watershed

Corpus Christi Watershed is a public charity dedicated to exploring and embodying as our calling the relationship of religion, culture, and the arts. This non-profit organization employs the creative media in service of theology, the Church, and Christian culture for the enrichment and enjoyment of the public.

Simple English Propers

The Simple English Propers is a project and book by Adam Bartlett of the Church Music Association of America. It provides English liturgical propers set to gregorian melodies.


Communio is a book produced by the Church Music Association of America. It is a collection of communion antiphons from the Graduale Romanum with psalm verses set to corresponding tones.

The Gregorian Missal

The Gregorian Missal  is a chant book for singing the Mass on all Sundays and principal feasts in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The Divine Office (Universalis)

The Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office) is an ancient form of Christian prayer, observed by priests and religious. The Second Vatican Council strongly encouraged lay people to also take up the Office. Universalis provides you with all the texts for each hour.