St Philip Neri realised the power and beauty of sacred music. He often sought different ways to promote and encourage not only people to attend events where this music was conducted, but also to encourage composers. Many people are not aware that St Philip had a profound influence on the great composer Palestrina. Palestrina was St Philip’s penitent and disciple from his early youth, where he gained that insight into the spirit of the liturgy, which enabled him to set that spirit forth in polyphonic music as it had never been done before.

Like St Philip sought to help people raise their hearts and minds to God through sacred music, we also seek to provide this opportunity for you! Throughout the year, the Brisbane Oratory presents our Musical Oratorio’s. Evenings of Sacred Music provided by the Oratory Choir and Schola, and other distinguished guests.

A photo from the 2016 Christmas Oratorio.

The latest Musical Oratorio is to have a Marian theme in honour of Our Lady of Fatima. The principal feature will be Hayden’s powerful and moving Salve Regina. In seeking to share the beauty of sacred music there is no admission fee for this event, and we encourage you to invite your friends and family. Please click below for more information.

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