Sunday, 17th November
Resignation is all in all to the sick man; he ought to say to God, “Lord, if You want me, here I am, although I have never done any good: do with me what You will.”

Monday, 18th November
Never make a noise of any sort in church, except for the greatest necessity.

Tuesday, 19th November
Patience is necessary for the servant of God, and we must not be distressed at trouble, but wait for consolation.

Wednesday, 20th November
When seculars have once chosen their secular state, let them persevere in it, and in the devout exercises which they have begun, and in their works of charity, and they shall have contentment at their death.

Thursday, 21st November
The vocation to the religious life is one of the great benefits which the Mother of God obtains from her Son for those who are devoted to her.

Friday, 22nd November
There is nothing more dangerous in the spiritual life, than to wish to rule ourselves after our own way of thinking.

Saturday, 23rd November
Among the things we ought to ask of God, is perseverance in well-doing and in serving the Lord; because, if we only have patience, and persevere in the good life we have begun to lead, we shall acquire a most eminent degree of spirituality.