One of St Philip Neri’s great texts is the¬†Maxims and Sayings for Every Day of the Year. In this book, St Philip provides a short saying about the Christian life for every day of the calendar year. This week’s maxims can be found below.


13th October

It is a most useful thing, when we see another doing any spiritual good to his neighbour, to seek by prayer to have a part in that same good which the Lord is working by the hand of another.

14th October

At communion we ought to ask for the remedy of the vice to which we feel ourselves most inclined.

15th October

To him who truly loves God, nothing more displeasing can happen than the lack of occasion to suffer for Him.


16th October

We ought to hate no one, for God never comes where there is no love of our neighbours.


17th October

We must accept our own death and that of our relations when God shall send it to us, and not desire it at any other time; for it is sometimes necessary that it should happen at that particular moment for the good of our own and their souls.


18th October

The perfection of a Christian consists in knowing how to mortify himself for the love of Christ.


19th October

He who desires ecstasies and visions does not know what he is desiring.