Sunday, 20th October
As for those who run after visions, dreams, and the like, we must lay hold of them by the feet and pull them to the ground by force, lest they should fall into the devil’s net.

Monday, 21st October
According to the rules of the fathers and ancient monks, whoever wishes to advance in perfection must hold the world in no reputation.

Tuesday, 22nd October
There is nothing more displeasing to God, than our being inflated with self-esteem.

Wednesday, 23rd October
When a man knows how to break down his own will and to deny his soul what it desires, he has got a good degree in virtue.

Thursday, 24th October
When a man falls into any bodily infirmity, he must lie and think, and say, “God has sent me this sickness, because He wishes something of me; I must therefore make up my mind to change my life and become better.”

Friday, 25th October
When a man has a tribulation sent him from God, and is impatient, we may say to him, “You are not worthy that God should visit you; you do not deserve so great a good.”

Saturday, 26th October
Poverty and tribulations are given us by God as trials of our fidelity and virtue, as well as to enrich us with more real and lasting riches in heaven.