Sunday, 27th October

Scruples ought to be most carefully avoided, as they disquiet the mind, and make a man melancholy.

Monday, 28th October

Let us throw ourselves into the arms of God, and be sure that if He wishes anything of us, He will make us good for all He desires us to do for Him.

Tuesday, 29th October

Nothing helps a man more than prayer.

Wednesday, 30th October

Idleness is a pestilence to a Christian man; we ought always therefore to be doing something, especially when we are alone in our rooms, lest the devil should come in and catch us idle.

Thursday, 31st October

We ought always to be afraid, and never put any confidence in ourselves; for the devil assaults us on a sudden, and darkens our understanding; and he who does not live in fear is overcome in a moment, because he has not the help of the Lord.

Friday, 1st November (All Saints Day)

The great thing is to become saints.

Saturday, 2nd November (All Souls Day)

In order to enter Paradise we must be well justified and well purified.