Sunday, 3rd November

Let the young man look after the flesh, and the old man after avarice, and we shall all be saints together. _

Monday, 4th November

Where there is no great mortification there is no great sanctity.

Tuesday, 5th November

The sanctity of a man lies in the breadth of three fingers, (the forehead,) that is to say, in mortifying the understanding, which would fain reason upon things.

Wednesday, 6th November

He who really wishes to become a saint must never defend himself, except in a few rare cases, but always acknowledge himself in fault, even when what is alleged against him is untrue. _

Thursday, 7th November

What we know of the virtues of the saints is the least part of them.

Friday, 8th November

The relics of the saints ought to be venerated, and we may laudably keep them in our room; but it is not well, unless for some grave occasion, to wear them on our persons, because it will often happen then that they are not treated with all the respect which is becoming._

Saturday, 9th November

The old patriarchs possessed riches, and had wives and children, but they lived without defiling their affections with these things, although they possessed them, because they only allowed themselves the use of them, and were ready to abandon them in whatever way the Majesty of God might require of them.