Recently, Archbishop Mark Coleridge instituted Brothers Tyson, Conor, and Matthew into the Ministry of Acolyte, a necessary step on the path to ordination, along with the Ministry of Lector which the Brothers received last year. As Acolytes, the brothers are called to grasp the spiritual meaning of public worship so that they may better offer themselves to God and grow in love of the people of God especially the weak and the sick. We are very excited that the brothers have taken this next step on the way to ordination to the priesthood.

During the Institution, Archbishop Coleridge reminded the brothers that as Acolytes they are called to give a particular witness to the faith and seek to imitate the martyrs who witnessed to Christ to the point of shedding their blood for him. The brothers were encouraged to live their faith to the full, witness to Christ, and to engage in works of mercy, especially for the weak and the sick. Please pray for the brothers as they strive to imitate Christ and be faithful to Him.

After the institution, the brothers went right into serving as the congregation gathered for wine and cheese to help celebrate this special occasion. We are also grateful to those in attendance who also decided to bring along some food to share. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and enjoyment for all.


Archbishop Mark Coleridge institutes Br Tyson, Br Conor and Br Matthew to the Ministry of Acolyte

Posted by Maria Rose Anna Photography on Monday, 9 July 2018