459209_10151417404427194_71339292_oTyson King has been accepted to begin his Seminary studies for the Brisbane Oratory. He leaves for the Toronto Oratory on 22 August.

Tyson was born in 1989 and originally came from Albany, a country town in Western Australia, after which he moved to Perth completing a Bachelor of Arts in 2011 majoring in Psychology and Criminology.

During a time of growing deeper in his faith Tyson began to engage in regular adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and praying the Holy Rosary where he began to notice a call to priesthood. Over that time Tyson was dra
wn to the beauty of and reverence in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which helped him to grow deeply in his faith.

For the past year Tyson had been living with a diocesan priest of Perth, Fr Doug Harris, of Saint Bernadette’s Parish, a founder of the Apostles of Perpetual Adoration. During this time Tyson was inspired by the sacrifice he saw in Fr Doug and was able to grow deeper in prayer through adoration.

As soon as Tyson heard about the Oratory he felt a strong connection to the charism of helping others come to know Jesus Christ with a spirit of holy joy, fraternal charity in community, and the special focus on beauty and reverence through both forms of the Mass of the Roman Rite.

By the Grace of God Tyson hopes to give his life to Christ in the ministerial priesthood through the Oratory of St Philip in Brisbane. He is very grateful for all benefactors who have made this possible and he has asked that you keep him in your prayers as he looks forward to beginning his formation and studies at the Toronto Oratory in Canada.

Tyson will be clothed in the habit of the Toronto Oratory in early September and then begins his Probation or noviciate year. We look forward to seeing him home in Brisbane next May on a visit for the 2015 Vallicella Dinner.

The Fathers of the Brisbane Oratory in Formation thank Tyson for his generosity in responding to God’s call to join us in the establishment of the first Oratory of St Philip in Australasia. We wish him well and ask all of you to join us in supporting Tyson, especially through prayer.

God bless, Tyson!