Brisbane Oratory News

Frassati Milites Mariae

The men of Frassati Milites Mariae and the Fathers and Brothers of the Oratory meet once a month for dinner for building up community and fraternity amongst Catholic men. The evening consists of good conversation, steak, beer, a short fervarino, ending with Compline.

Frassati Milites Mariae March 2021

Brown Scapular Enrolments

This week a number of people were invested with the Brown Scapular, a devotion to Our Lady and a constant reminder of placing ourselves under her care. Our Lady promised that she would save from the fires of Hell those who wear the Brown Scapular with devotion. Those are who wear the Brown Scapular also share in all the spiritual benefits of the Carmelite Order.

The Blessing of Motor Vehicles

On Tuesday 9 March we commemorated the Feast of S Frances of Rome who was guided by an angel with a lantern as she walked along dark roads. She is the Patron Saint of automobile drivers. As is done in Rome on this day, all were invited to the carpark that evening to have their cars blessed.

St Blaise Blessing of Throats

Today we have the St Blaise blessing of throats with candles for protection from throat ailments and other illnesses. This is a custom that goes back to the eighth century. St Blaise was a Bishop and martyr who was known for his miracles of healing.