Statement on the beyondblue benefit concert

A fundraising concert for the organisation “beyondblue” is to be held in a nearby parish in the coming days. The advertising for the concert features Mr Warwick Adeney, our Director of Music, as one of the performers. As the concert has generated considerable conversation amongst our parishioners, we felt a statement was in order. beyondblue provides assistance to people living with depression and anxiety. From its own website it is evident that the organisation also holds views that are at odds with Christian anthropology as held and taught by the Catholic Church, and also financially supports other organisations that promote so-called “marriage equality” and radical gender theories. Catholics looking to donate money to charities should be fully informed about what they might be supporting through their donations, and to act with integrity in accordance with the Catholic faith. In making this statement, we wish to commend the good will of those who seek to do something tangible to assist those living with depression and anxiety, things that most of us experience either personally or amongst our friends and loved ones at some point in our lives.

The Fathers and Brothers of the Brisbane Oratory in Formation.


Statement by Mr Warwick Adeney

Director of Music, The Brisbane Oratory in Formation

I went into the arrangements for this concert unaware that certain policies of beyondblue are contrary to the Catholic faith, which I hold. While I have committed to the event, I have been able to ensure (as much as one can) that monies raised will be put towards the organisation’s 24 hr suicide emergency phone service only, and not towards any other promotion.