In our last news update  we shared with you that Tyson King from Albany had left to begin his formation at the Toronto Oratory. We are delighted with the news that on Sunday, September 7th, Tyson was clothed in the habit of St Philip Neri and formally began his first probation year (novitiate year). Tyson will be known as Br Francis in the Toronto community.

We share with you our joy and our great pride in Br Francis as well as our immense gratitude to God and our heavenly patrons for the blessing of another member of our Brisbane Oratory community. Please keep Br Francis and Br Shawn in your prayers.


Br Francis and Br Shawn in the courtyard of the Oratory


A happy moment after the Clothing Ceremony


Tyson receives the habit from Fr Robinson, Provost of the Toronto Oratory


Br Tyson in the habit kneels before the Father


Br Francis receives the kiss of peace from the Provost before receiving the same from the whole community