Father Michael Lang of the London Oratory arrived in Brisbane on Friday morning.  In the early days of the Brisbane Oratory project, Father Mario Aviles, the Procurator General of the Confederation of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri, appointed Father Lang as his delegate in the formation of an Oratory community in Brisbane.  Father Lang visited Australia in 2013, and met in Cowwarr, Victoria, with the project members at the time.  Members of the Brisbane Oratory in Formation community had further time with Father Lang in January 2015 when we visited London whilst we had been in Rome for a clergy conference.

This is Father Lang’s first visit to Brisbane, and he’ll be with us until September 4th.  This visit continues Father Lang’s assistance and guidance of us during our “in formation” time, and he is also making an official visit on behalf of the Procurator General, who had hoped to visit Brisbane this year but has been prevented from doing so.  We are very grateful for all of Father Lang’s assistance to us, and also for the continued support of Father Aviles.

Don’t forget the talk that Father Lang will be giving on Monday night, August 29th, after the 7:00pm Mass: Signs of the Holy: Why the Way we Worship Matters. See here for more details.