When we learn about the Life of St Philip, something that stands out was his concern for aiding young people in holiness. St Philip realised how important it is to help young people to grow in their faith and virtue while they are still young! Often Philip could be found gathering young men to play sport together, keeping them out of mischief, or leading young people on pilgrimages and engaging them in spiritual conversations. Wherever he went people flocked to him. Here at the Brisbane Oratory, we have several groups and events for young men, young women, and youth. In this months Newsletter, Fr Andrew gave an update on these groups.

Our Frassati fraternity for young men has seen a change of leader in the last two months, as Dylan Shogren has now joined the new traditional Benedictine foundation of monks in Tasmania as an Aspirant. Dylan has been succeeded by his brother Jerome as the new Frassati leader and Jerome is proving to be a gifted and natural leader just like his brother. We have eleven men resident in the houses right now, with each of them either working full time or studying and working part time. There is a wonderful spirit of mutual support among these young men as they seek to grow together in faith and virtue in imitation of Our Lord and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. Some of the activities of the Frassati members include an early morning rosary together each day and regular Eucharistic Adoration. They also have a dining in night each week along with a monthly dinner together at the Norman Hotel where they gather with other men connected to Frassati in various ways. Each of the  Frassati men also contributes to the Oratory Parish in some way, usually as either an altar server or choir member.


The Frassati men and the fathers and brothers of the Oratory enjoying a dinner together.


Our young women’s group Flores Teresianes (flowers of Therese) holds monthly dinners hosted by members in their homes. There are usually around 25 ladies present for these evenings, which also include a short talk of particular interest to young women relating to the Catholic faith and spiritual life. The Flores ladies held a successful retreat day in April at Marian Valley, with another retreat day planned for Advent this year. Flores is led by a leadership team comprising, Bernadette Tomlin, Elyse Beck, Catherine McDowall, Phillipa Hewitt, Michelle Nally and Ally Doig.


Flores Teresianes retreat at Marian Valley exploring how to live the joy of the Paschal Mystery.


The Frassati Youth Group is for our young people from 12 years of age until they turn 18. Once they have turned 18 they are invited to join either Frassati or Flores and continue their path of growing in the fullness of the Catholic Faith. Frassati Youth meet weekly during School terms except on the first Fridays of the month. The young people have time socialising together over Pizza or Fish and chips at the beginning of their meetings. They then have some games together, followed by a short talk on the Faith or spiritual life. The evenings always conclude with a rosary together. Frassati Youth has some new faces in its adult leadership team this year including Chris and Taylor D’Silva as our coordinators and several other leaders who also generously give of their time to help our young people grow in faith and Christ like love.

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