Brisbane Oratory News

Covid Restrictions | Sunday 29 August

Due to the Government mandates on capacity limits bookings and ticketed seating are required for the 10:00am Sunday Mass.

Bookings are not required for other Masses.

Government mandates currently require masks to be worn when indoors unless you can stay 1.5 meters away from others.

Frassati Gregorian Chant Workshops | Young Adults

The Second Vatican Council teaches that “Gregorian chant is something special to the Roman Liturgy, and should thus be given a place of primacy in liturgical activity.” In this spirit, Frassati have been hosting Gregorian Chant workshops for the Young Adults. It is a wonderful way to encourage actualised participation in the liturgy.

Restrictions Update | Bookings | Sunday 25 July

The State Government has increased the permitted capacity of indoor spaces from one person per four square meters, to two people per four square meters. This means:

  • Bookings are required for the 10:00am Mass this Sunday.
  • Seating will be assigned at the 10:00am Mass.
  • This is not required at the other Masses due to the lower number usually in attendance.

Restrictions Update | Bookings Required | Sunday 18 July

We are disappointed that the Queensland State Government has extended the current Covid restrictions. Please read the following as the process has changed to make it more efficient:

  • In order to use 100% of our seating capacity bookings are required for Sunday Mass at Mary Immaculate Church.
  • Bookings are not required at St John Fisher Church.
  • At Masses where more than 1 person per 4 square meters are in attendance, seating is assigned.
  • Please note that is very difficult to give people their preferred seats, and we appreciate it if you can sit where asked during this temporary situation. However, we understand those with young children prefer to sit towards the back, for those with young children and bookings, we will do our best to accomodate these preferences.
  • If you wish to sit with anyone in particular please book under the one booking.
  • Bookings for Sunday morning Masses must be made by 7:00pm Saturday, while bookings for afternoon Masses must be made by 2:00pm Sunday.
  • We plan to have a quicker process for those who have booked.
  • For various reasons, if you have not booked in time you can still attend Mass, but the process is slower.
  • We encourage you to arrive early to allow seating to be allocated.
  • Government mandates require masks to be worn unless you have an exempting medical condition.
  • Government mandates require the use of QR codes regardless of bookings. If you require assistance please ask the porters.

Please join us in praying for an end to the restrictions

Parish Treasures | Refurbishing High Altar Candlesticks

The High Altar Candlesticks, known by the servers as “The Big Six”, form part of the patrimony of the parish. You may be surprised to learn that they were made here in Brisbane by F J Mole.

In Archbishop Duhig’s time, with the numbers of churches he was building (and needing to furnish!) shipping items from Europe proved expensive and time consuming. So he turned to a local silversmith F J Mole. In 1923, the Archbishop approached and convinced F J Mole to manufacture ecclesiastical requisites for churches. F J Mole then set to work not only designing the items, but even making the tools he would require.

The Big Six on the High Altar at Mary Immaculate Church

Over time, our Big Six Candlesticks naturally deteriorated and it was time for them to be refurbished. We were pleased to be able to turn to the same company, F J Mole, who made the candles decades ago, to refurbish them for us.

These items form part of the patrimony of the parish that contribute to the glory given to God at the liturgy, forming part of the whole that is the beauty which lifts our hearts and minds to God, and manifesting our belief to give our best, and the primary place in our lives, to God.