It has been a great blessing over the past months to have our whole community home in Brisbane.  We had the joy of welcoming Brother John Henry amongst us;  Brothers Tyson, Conor and Matthew were instituted as Acolytes;  we held another successful dinner celebrating the third anniversary since Archbishop Coleridge established us as an Oratorian community-in-formation;  we had several Solemn High Masses whilst we had available the necessary number of sacred ministers;  to name just a few of the things that have been happening.

At the end of August Brother John Henry made the journey to Toronto, to begin his canonical novitiate in the Oratory there, where he’ll continue on to do his philosophy studies. He reports that he is learning the ropes over there and settling into the rhythm of his classes.  This semester he will be studying the life of Saint Philip, the Excellences of the Oratory, the Constitutions of the Oratory, and also Latin.  He has also been given various duties in the house.  He was clothed in the Oratorian habit on September 9th.  We look forward to Brother’s next visit home to Brisbane, which will be in time for Saint Philip’s day next year.  

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