Tempus fugit, time flies, doesn’t seem a strong enough saying to express how quickly this year seems to have passed us by. It seems like only yesterday that I returned home from Rome and yet it has been nearly ten whole months. These months have been filled with study and work in and around the Oratory Parish. However, here we are at the end of another Liturgical Year and about to enter into a period of preparation for the birth of Our Saviour at Christmas. It is always an enjoyable time of year filled with warm (though sometimes it seems a little too warm) weather, friends and family starting to get excited about taking holidays and a general sense of joy at the coming of Our Lord. Another reason why it is a lovely time of the year is because we get to have a break from our formal studies over the Christmas period. This allows both Br Tyson and I to step back from our assigned readings and read books which may be of more personal interest or perhaps the life of a saint that we have been keen to learn more about.

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