A lot of unexpected things have happened since we sent out our last regular newsletter, and that’s putting it mildly!  Sending out a “normal” newsletter when it was due in April was the last thing on our minds, to be honest!  At that time we were still reeling, among other things, from the suspension of public Masses and one of the strangest Holy Week observances with our parishioners unable to attend.  We certainly hope we won’t go back to those circumstances, and we pray for those parts of our country and world that are still seriously affected by the pandemic.

Over the past weeks and now months, we’ve seen the gradual easing of restrictions here in Queensland.  It was a delight over recent Sundays to hear chatter outside the church after Mass.  There were actually enough people to have chatter!  It’s a long way from our bursting-at-the-seams High Mass with the long morning tea afterwards, but at least we have something to hope for and to look forward to – eventually!  Thank you to everyone for your patience and co-operation in dealing with all the added layer of hassle in just trying to come to Mass and Confession.  It’ll be a very happy day when we can once again simply open the church doors for you to come in as you please.

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