For those who sometimes feel lost at Mass and want to learn more about it and how to participate in it, there will be a set of four talks on the Mass and active participation occurring on Saturdays during November.

The purpose of the talks is to introduce the average layperson to the meaning of the Mass, it’s various parts and prayers, as well how to fruitfully participate in Mass. The talks will be given by Brother Shawn and Brisbane Oratory Music, following this schedule:

  • 5/11 – What is the Mass? What do we mean by “active participation”?
  • 12/11 – The Mass of the Catechumens.
  • 19/11 – The Mass of the Faithful.
  • 26/11 – Sacred Music and the Mass.

Each talk will take place at 9am, after the 8:15am Mass on Saturday, in the music room below Mary Immaculate church.

For more information please contact Brother Shawn, 07 3392 9247.