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Crown of Aves | Musical Oratory

This Musical Oratory presents a collection of musical compositions in honour of Our Lady Queen of Heaven.

Delve into a contemplative journey through heavenly melodies, including the haunting allure of Henryk Gorecki’s “O Domina Nostra,” crowned by musically diverse “Ave Marias” including the soul-stirring rendition of Astor Piazzolla’s, the sacred harmonies of Joseph Rheinberger’s, the masterful intertwining of voice and music in Giuseppe Verdi’s from Otello, the evocative interpretation of Pietro Mascagni’s, and the poignant composition of Philippe Rombi’s.

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Traditional Latin Mass

In 2021 Pope Francis announced several restrictions on the use of the older Liturgy in his apostolic letter Traditiones Custodes (TC). This document permitted local bishops to designate one or more locations for the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, with the exception that those venues could not be “parochial churches.” Following TC, many bishops used the power they have in canon law to dispense even from universal laws (canon 87) and continued to allow parochial churches to be used for the old Mass. In February this year the Holy Father issued a rescript clarifying that local bishops were not to invoke canon 87 on this matter, and that any dispensation to use parochial churches for the old Mass is now reserved exclusively to the Holy See. In light of this, and following discussions with the Archbishop, we now have to make arrangements to move our Latin Masses out of Mary Immaculate church. The Archbishop has agreed to the suggestion to move those Masses to the hall. We realise that this news will be a shock and disappointment to many, and the Fathers and Brother share those feelings. At the same time, we hope that we can work together to make the best of this present situation. Our founder and father, St Philip Neri, himself had restrictions imposed on him by the Holy See, which he bore obediently and with patience and respect. We can ask St Philip’s intercession to help us bear this present cross well, and that it may contribute to our sanctification and God’s glory. There are a number of issues to be resolved with the hall, so we will keep you posted. It is anticipated that it may be towards the middle of June that the relocation of the Latin Masses will take place. There are no current changes to the Mass schedule.

Holy Week 2023

Some of the photos from the Holy Week Liturgies in Mary Immaculate Church.

We have received wonderful feedback, including comments from people who have been inspired to return to the practice of their faith. Deo Gratias.