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Sacraments for Children


When baptised children attain the age of reason, usually about seven years old, they are eligible to receive the Sacraments of Confession, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion. These Sacraments fully incorporate them into the Church and aid them to live fully the life of faith.

Each child is different, and hence discernment of readiness by parents and the parish is more important than the child’s age and might mean Sacraments are celebrated earlier or later than the norm.

Ordinarily, Confession takes place before the other Sacraments. Then Confirmation is celebrated together with, or just before, the first reception of the Eucharist.

Sacraments take place in the context of a life of faith, and children ought to understand, at the level capable of their age, the Sacraments they are receiving, and their role in the life of faith. Hence Sacramental Preparation is a necessary component.

The Church teaches that parents are the first instructors in the faith, hence the primary preparation for receiving the Sacraments is done in the family by Catholic parents. That is their witness to living a life of faith, regular attendance at Mass, and general instruction and prayer in the home.

Sacraments also take place in the context of the Church, which is expressed in the local community of faith, that is, the Parish. Hence the Parish Sacramental Program is a necessary component that aids parents in helping their children understand the Sacraments with proper devotion and understanding, and how to live out the Catholic faith.

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    The Parish runs yearly Sacramental Preparation Classes, and this is advertised in advance in the weekly Parish Bulletin. Please contact the Sacramental Team below for more information or dates.
Brisbane Oratorty in Formation - First Communion


Parish Office

For more information or to register please contact the Sacramental Preparation Team.