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Care of the Sick

Brisbane Oratory in Formation -Jesus-Christ

When we are in need of healing and strength, Christ comes to our aid.

If you or someone you know cannot attend church, either temporarily or for an extended period, you can still receive the Anointing of the Sick, Confession, or Holy Communion at home or in the hospital. Contact us, and one of our Fathers will be glad to visit.

Hospital Visits

If you are going into the hospital, you might want to be anointed beforehand. Upon admission, inform the hospital staff that you are a Roman Catholic and would welcome a visit from the Catholic chaplain. The chaplain can arrange for you to receive the sacraments regularly if your stay is lengthy. Additionally, let us know if you would like a visit from one of the Fathers.


If someone is in danger of death, it is crucial for them to receive the Last Rites of the Church. In the hospital, request the Roman Catholic chaplain. In other situations, immediately call 3392 9247 and inform the Fathers of the emergency.