The beautiful Mary Immaculate Catholic Church is a popular church for weddings. If you would like to be married in our church we encourage you to contact the parish as early as possible and before making any other arrangements.

If at least one party is Catholic, and both are free to marry, we welcome you to contact us about celebrating your marriage in our church.

The Catholic Sacrament of Marriage is a life long union between one man and one woman which cannot be dissolved. There are two purposes of a Catholic marriage. First, marriage unites husband and wife in a life long bond of love, fidelity, and mutual support. Secondly, the other purpose of marriage is procreation, that is, as contained in Catholic wedding promises, to have children and raise them in the Catholic faith. The Sacrament of Marriage provides God’s special graces to fulfil these promises made on your wedding day. 

Since marriage is such an important step and commitment some spiritual preparation is necessary and this is arranged through the parish. This is why we advise you to contact the parish as soon as you are seeking to be married.